German Shepherds coming soon from Ch Piper and GCH Ch Trip








Current litter of Australian Shepherds from

AKC GCHB & ASCA CH Brewedstone’s Designated Driver “Uber”


AOM AKC GCH Ch Hightide Shadomoon Set Fire To The Stars RN CGCA  “Skye”

One Available Male puppy.  We call him Mr. Pibb.  Please see our For Sale Page if you are interested in more details on our available  Australian Shepherd puppy.

Trademark Kennels Puppy Applications


We are glad that you are interested in a Top Quality German Shepherd purebred puppy. We take pride in our dogs and continue to breed healthy and happy dogs. Our first priority is that our puppies live full and happy lives in a home who loves them with responsible families.  Our German Shepherds are bred for outstanding temperaments first and health second.  We want them to be able to travel with the family as part of the family, be a bed buddy, or be the jogging partner you desire.  Our dogs are American bloodlines and come from 40 years+ of breeding for the attributes we remember in a good GSD…loyal, smart, larger boned, sweet, attentive, protection without aggression, healthy, sometimes silly, strong backs, versatile, and the all around dog they were bred to be originally!  They were not bred to be attack dogs originally but rather a great herding dog that could be super versatile and agile.  We compete with our dogs in all sports AKC as means to prove that OUR dogs truly are versatile, beautiful, and unmistakable.  The amount of time we put into every single one of our dogs, the care, the rigorous health testing, showing, training, and more makes us truly love them even more.  We want to share a little of that joy with you and welcome you to the family with one of these reputable and undeniable Trademark pups.

Please fill out this form completely as a way of introducing yourself to us so that we have a better understanding of your environment, intentions, and history.  Keep in mind that German Shepherds require a job and living in an apartment or small confined area are not suitable for this breed.  They want to have a job in a sense, be a part of the family, and need lots of socialization and training from a young age.  By doing those things, you will no doubtably have the best German Shepherd you could imagine.

Thank you! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns or if you would like to follow up with this application. We will review and let you know if you will be one of our future puppy owners.

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All puppies are AKC purebred from 30+ years of experience with German Shepherds and less than 10 years with Australian Shepherds, a multi generational family business.  Trademark Kennel’s breedings are planned with the goal of producing a beautiful, functional dog with a sound mind, a trainable disposition, proven health, loyal, and wonderful companions. We strive to have service & therapy dogs, performance dogs in many aspects, as well as conformation dogs.  Our dogs are NOT high drive (protection dogs) but do have the athleticism (hiking, playing, obedience etc).

  • You will receive detailed documents weeks before pick up and are given all details to prepare for puppies.
  • Puppies are well socialized and are guaranteed for health-2 years on congenital defects.
  • They will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age unless otherwise arranged for later pick up (additional fee possibly)
  • They are dewormed several times, given first set of puppy shots at 6 weeks, and vet checked with a vet certificate provided.
  • Your puppy will have their own unique Microchip and registered through AKC with this unique number.
  • They will begin crate training and conditioned to going potty outside as well!
  • You will receive digital pictures, titles, health tests, and more on your puppies history
  • Puppy will be registered on premise with your information upon pick up
  • You receive a Puppy package bag including: food & supplements, treats, a scented towel, Toys, AKC free Insurance, and a complete Puppy Care Informational Folder
  • All Trademark Pups receive a discount in our Board and Training Programs of $200

All puppy owners are encouraged to schedule a vet visit with your vet within 72 hours of picking up your puppy to withhold our puppy guarantee!

Pricing Details

Deposits are $300 due after approval to be on our master waiting list.  Deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to another litter up to a year from the litter you were to get a puppy from first (birth date).   A pet puppy will cost between $2,200 (with a Limited Registration which means non-breeding or conformation showing registration) and up to $2,800 depending on the parents and the accomplishments.  The remainder is due by pick up of the puppy.

If you would like a Pick Puppy then there will be an additional fee of $500 and the puppy is on a Limited Registration (non-breeding or conformation showing registration).  This moves your name and position on the waiting list up to the top.

Future Breeders or Show Puppies—> These puppies are Pick Puppies for an additional $500 and come with a Full Registration.  This is also something you can decide to do later down the road if you originally purchase a pet under a limited registration but decide say 6-12 months later that this dog is amazing and needs to be a breed ambassador!  Let us evaluate your dog and say yes he is or maybe not quite breed/show worthy before jumping to that decision.  If they are a great ambassador, then you pay the difference of $500 and we will revoke the limited registration and make it a Full registration.  We recommend the Co-Breed option (see next paragraph) if you want to show and breed with assistance.

In addition we offer a Co-breed option to have your trademark dog as part of yours and our breeding program where you will receive assistance with breeding, whelping if needed, and vetted homing of the puppies.  We would be co-owners on the dog, you keep the dog, but we split in breeding fees, puppy costs, health screening tests and split the litter.  We also do a puppy buy back offer if needed, with you having first pick puppy, and we purchase puppies from your litter and we place them in approved homes under our guarantees with you being a bit more hands off with the full process (great option for new breeders just starting).  We also will assist in breeding decisions with our experience in pedigree knowledge, show and training resourcefulness, testing, pregnancy health, puppy evalutions, puppy rearing, and more.  We require the dog achieve an AKC performance title (CGC does not apply) or 3 champion points prior to breeding (as ways of assuring to us your dedication to the breed).  The dog must also pass all necessary health testing in accordance to the Parent Club’s breed testing requirements, yes we assist with this also.  If you want to have a breeding program but may just lack a little experience, this program helps you through the entire process and you get to relax a little knowing we have your backs as part of the family!  Serious inquiries only about the co-breed program and for more details!

Breeder has rights to first pick puppy no matter your position in the litter as means of carrying on our bloodlines and for competition purposes.

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