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About Trademark Kennels

About Trademark Kennels

In 2012, Trademark Kennels kicked off with breeding quality German Shepherds as a hobby, carrying on bloodlines that the family business, Bar-Ben Kennels, started in 1978.  We are pleased to say that the breeding program has excelled in the AKC show and performance industry as well as being ideal family companions.  We are proud to have built up the ideal german shepherds with great health, temperaments and beauty.

But breeding was more of our hobby and ultimately our passion was to work with dogs and help others.

Vera Symonds aspired to study dog behaviors and training, learning from accomplished trainers and began competitions with dogs (and horse shows) earning her the first title, AKC’s Companion Dog in 1992, at the age of 11 (and champion barrel racer with her pony Lassie).   Her love of a dog named Bar-Ben’s Impressive Copy and his willingness to work with her, as a child, was ultimately the planted seed for her training and the kickoff to her imminent path with canines.  But as most of us want to fulfill a proper career, clock in and out daily with structure and consistent income (which is ingrained into us from a young age), she pursued a college degree in Computer Information Systems, specializing in Network Administration and acquired 10+ years of management experience with large corporations in the service and sales industries.  Feeling void in life and missing family and dog time, she ultimately returned full-time into the canine industry- educating kids, adults, families, organizations and more!

Our Training

Fusion Training

The future of dog training.  Incorporating in person, board and training, and virtual training.  Several different packages to best fit your desires.

Individual Training

Private lessons to help you focus one-on-one with behavioral and/or obedience training.

Group Training

Group classes for those puppies or those aspiring for a Canine Good Citizen.  Weekly set days and times.

CGC Testing

Are you ready to have your dog CGC tested?  We can schedule a testing when you are ready.  Need more help?  We do group CGC classes.


Schedule a day and time to meet in person or virtually to see if we can help you in this meet and greet and information gathering step.

We Offer Boarding

Caring for your dog in a personal and safe way when you must go away.  We are hands-on and take time to get to know each dog entrusted to our care.  

Dogs are social animals and enjoy our companionship, the day-to-day activities, and the lovely country fresh air.  At Trademark Kennels we help them get comfortable with a routine and lessen their stress overall by providing them stimulus and recreation time in our common areas, unless otherwise requested for health reasoning.  Here they can play with jolly balls, softballs, varieties of toys, and even partake in water sports (baby pools).  A tired pup makes for a happy kennel (and parent).

We do not support the concept of all day freedom for our guests.  Too much stimulation without appropriate down time leads to increased anxiety, stress, forming of bad habits, and possible aggression.

Take A Peak At Our Dogs

Here are a few of our prized dogs.

Puppies from Xena x Crash

Male Puppies available


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