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Piper x Trip litter

Puppies from Trip x Piper


Puppies from Trip x Piper's Bio

2 girls AVAILABLE from Trip and Piper

These puppies are from our sire GCH Trip and Adam Ch Piper, both who have proven to be  exceptional producers together.  A little more information about these pups parents and their personalities will help guide you in knowing these pups possible futures.  Both parents are OFA passing hips and elbows as well as Trip being Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) clear by DNA testing and Piper Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Carrier which means all the puppies are either clear or carrier (not at risk) by parentage.  Along with these tests Trip passed the German Shepherd Dog Club of Americas Temperament Test and has been cleared of all possible genetic diseases and has also been OFA tested for:

  • Cardiac Advanced-normal
  • Full Dentition
  • Thyroid-normal

You can find these results on the OFA website.

Piper has an exceptional personality and disposition, weighing in around 80 lbs, and is a beautiful Bi-Color (a variety of the black and tan).  She succeeded in AKC conformation shows and the fun sport of FastCat.  For now she has proven herself to be such an amazing representative of the breed and excellent momma.  She has produced multiple sport pups doing herding, scent work, AKC pointed, AKC Grand champion Luc and many more up and comers.

Trip is a slower maturing dog, medium in size, and a dark black and tan.  He has succeeded in many AKC show venues and GSD specialty shows as well.  We adore his easy going temperament and sweet nature, toy drive (not excessive), and ability to play gently with puppies and dogs of all ages.  He has already in just over a year produced a Champion, service dogs in training, up and coming AKC stars in confirmation as well as other performance sports.
These puppies will be very easy to train and have the dispositions to excel in AKC sports or conformation, service work, or a loyal family companion.


 Please submit your puppy application if you are considering one of these exceptional German Shepherds from Trademark Kennels.

Pet Puppy price $2500.00

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