On occasion we have older dogs available for sale or rehoming.  

If you are looking for a new puppy then please visit our puppies page for availability.

So why pay more for a purebred pet from a show breeder? Because puppies that fall short of being show dogs are still more likely to be healthy, and more likely to have a sound, breed-appropriate temperament. This is because ethical preservation breeders utilize extensive health testing before ever breeding a dog. Just being a successful show dog isn’t enough for most show breeders, the dog also has to prove they are free of heritable defects and has an outstanding temperament. Quality breeding isn’t a be-all, end-all, absolute guarantee because not all defects are genetic. And not all genetic defects have a simple pass-or-fail test. However, puppies from health-tested parents have the deck stacked in their favor. Show breeders aim for soundness, which means a body that moves freely as well as legs that have good angles to them so the dog can move appropriately for their breed. If you are going to share your life with a pet, don’t you want them to have the best possible chance to be healthy and sound?

Current Available Dogs For Sale


Mr. Pibb

Australian Shepherd Male, Red Tri color, D.O.B. 12-11-2022

Loving and outgoing confident puppy with medium energy level.  He is house training, crate trained, attending puppy classes, socialized with people and dogs, and super trainable.  He would make a great performance dog, conformation show dog, or best partner.  He comes from AKC Grand Champion parents with excellent health testing and bloodlines.  He is microchipped, OFA Eye Certification of clear eyes, up to date on all vaccines, and on monthly flea/tick and heart worm prevention.  

 A great deal of time, love and training goes into raising one of our puppies only to benefit any home they go to.  He will make an amazing addition as a loving well bred puppy in your home.

He is $2500.00.  Please message us to plan a visit to meet this charming young pup.  



Captain America “Cap”

German Shepherd Neutered Male, Blue and Tan, D.O.B. 05/12/2016

Cap came to us this year in need of rehoming.  He is highly trained and playful, gets along with other dogs (larger dogs), and has been introduced to many people with ease.  He also is house trained, obedience trained, knows tricks, has high ball drive, and travels great.  He is fully vaccinated and up to date and on monthly flea/tick and heart worm prevention.  I would say he is medium energy level and does have a great off switch.  He has wonderful coping mechanisms and not anxious in any situation, a very confident dog.  

Cap needs a home to protect with some land since he needs to run and stretch a bit.  He takes his job seriously as a German Shepherd and will protect his home and yard of any intruders so we are asking for a German Shepherd or similar breed trait experienced home for his home with fencing.  Once Cap has met you and you begin to be his partner, you will never find a more loving fun guy to cuddle with on your bed at nights that will be devoted to you.  

Cap is available for $700.00  Contact us to schedule a visit to meet this guy!

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