Trademark’s Alluring Polar Express CGC BN CD RN TC OFA DM N/N

AKC Reg #DN36591701

Alli’s Bio

Words nor pictures do justice for the spirit and personality that Alli has.  She is full of energy and will play ball all day long.  She is such a talker with you and just will give 120% always in everything she does.  She cannot be left out of anything and demands to be included, and learns from others trying to copy them at times.

Alli is extremely smart and was completely house trained at 12 weeks old.  She loves to work with me and be the lead training dog with all of my students.  Alli was invited to the AKC Obedience Nationals for 2016 in Orlando Florida, making Trademark Kennels very proud.  She is fearless and very strong mentally and physically.  The average person may not be able to handle such a dog but I have adored her drive and personality in my training program.

She is a large female averaging a light 85lbs and her coat is shorter and very dense. She has a wonderful head, earset, and neck…making her stunning to look at but can look a little masculine.  She has no angles in her top line (for show) and very much the old look of working German shepherds…square back.  She is muscle built, deep chested, wide even, and has a straight correct front with tight feet.   She is healthy and very easy to maintain plus her shedding is minimal (2x a year).

We are not planning to breed Alli.  She is surely to greet you when you visit as part of the greeting committee.

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