Vera has the best classes…

Vera has the best classes of any I have been to.  She involves so much more than just socializing your dog and really teaches you.  I have now been able to apply the same training to two more generations of German Shepherds we have had.

~ Reed Family

Vera has saved my family…

Vera has saved my family and also the thought that I would not be able to keep my blue heeler.  He kept biting my heels and jumping on me constantly.  I was pregnant when I decided to try a last resort effort to fix his behavior by training with Vera.  She really opened my eyes to the dog’s perspective and his instincts.  We were able to curb his herding instinct and really tap into his inner obedience dog.  He now is the best dog ever with the new baby and I can’t thank you enough.

Wow he is beautiful….

Anytime I go out with my boy, Rhett, I can not go far.  We get stopped all the time and people are always saying, “Wow he is beautiful”.  I can’t say thank you enough for a wonderful German Shepherd!

-Mooney Family